Bandersnatch - Jabber Conversation Logger

In 2003, when I wanted to implement a Jabber server at my first employer, management were afraid that the platform would be abused, and wanted a means to archive all conversations. (I’d included transports to MSN, ICQ, and Yahoo Messenger)

To meet this requirement, I developed Bandersnatch, a perl/PHP/MySQL-based conversation logger, named after the nonsensical reference in Lewis Carroll’s “Jabberwocky”.

The perl code was adapted from other code I’d found, the PHP/MySQL interface was developed from scratch. For a while, Bandersnatch was famous - it was even included in Debian/Ubuntu ports, but was abandoned when perl modules it depended upon became deprecated, and jabberd2 introduced native logging capabilities.

(I also wrote a tutorial re implementing Bandersnatch)

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