David Young

Hamilton, New Zealand · david-remove-y@funkypenguin.co.nz

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Hi, I'm David.

I've spent 20+ years working with technology.

I'm a contracting IT consultant, with a broad range of experience and skills. I'm an AWS Certified Solution Architect (Professional), a remote worker, I've written a book, and I blog on topics that interest me.

I'm interested in applying my skills (and curiosity) to short and long-term opportunities, both locally and remotely.

My most recent role was Senior Infrastructure Architect at Prophecy Networks Ltd in New Zealand, with a specific focus in networking, systems, open-source, IaaS, and business management.


  • IP Networking
  • Security
  • DNS
  • Email
  • Load Balancing
  • High Availability
  • SaaS/PaaS/IaaS
  • Blockchain
Containers & Cloud
Languages, Operating Systems & Tools
Platform Development & Administration
  • mediawiki
  • apache
  • MySQL
  • Asterisk
  • XMPP
Soft Skills


A collection of projects created by David, and typically shared with the world.

Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook

Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook ...is a collection of guides for establishing your own highly-available docker container cluster (swarm). This swarm enables you to run self-hosted services such as GitLab, Plex, NextCloud, etc..

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NZ TurtleCoin Mining Pool

A NZ-based mining pool for the friendliest cryptocurrency, TurtleCoin

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Bandersnatch - Jabber Conversation Logger

Jabber server conversation logger with search, sort, and privacy masking

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Coffee In The Rain

Funky Penguin's Geek Cookbook ...is a collection of guides for establishing your own highly-available docker container cluster (swarm). This swarm enables you to run self-hosted services such as GitLab, Plex, NextCloud, etc..

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Open Source Contributions

Whenever possible, I like to contribute back to open source projects I come across. Sometimes my only contribution is a typo in a README, but as a maintainer of my own projects, I know that every little contribution boosts my motivation to keep working on the (volunteer) project!

Microservice-based Cryptocurrency Mining Pools

I started dabbling in mining pools with Docker, and ended up maintaining a popular nodejs application, and a mini-empire of Kubernetes-driven mining pools!

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pfSense VPN export naming

I submitted a PR to the pfsense-packages team to simplify the way OpenVPN configs are exported

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A collection of books, manuals, articles, interviews, presentations or talks I’ve worked on

interview - TurtleCoin Interview

I was interviewed by RockSteady, anonymous founder of TurtleCoin, geeking out mining pools and micro-services

January 2019

book - phpList 2 E-mail Campaign Manager

An 11-chapter technical manual written for phpList 2, the leading open-source mailing list platform (at the time)

July 2011

manual - JAJC (Jabber Client) Manual

A 78-page technical manual, authored in Docbook V4, covering the complete featureset of a popular Jabber client (in 2002)

February 2001


Senior Infrastructure Architect

Prophecy Networks Ltd

Senior management position with overall responsibility for architectural design and delivery of internal and customer platforms. Delivered architectural design into production within NZ-based mobile telco.

July 2016 - February 2019

Technical Account Manager - Infrastructure Services

Prophecy Networks Ltd

Provide management and leadership for all Prophecy Networks group infrastructure that is used internally and provides services to customers.

February 2015 - July 2016

Infrastructure Manager

Prophecy Networks Ltd (incorporating SafeNZ Ltd)

Management of systems, improvement to service delivery to both internal users and external customers through investing in processes, policies, and documentation.

October 2009 - February 2015

Senior Engineer

Prophecy Networks Ltd / SafeNZ Networks Ltd

Provide engineering skills and support to a wide range of clients as well as platforms supporting ISP business.

January 2007 - October 2009

Chief Penguin

Funky Penguin Open Source Solutions CC (South Africa)

Performed contracted consulting work specifically targeting Linux-based server platforms. Developed PHP/MySQL-based online portal for digital retrieval of monthly rates invoices for City of Ekurhuleni, delivered and managed virtualized server platform for Chas Everitt International Property Group.

January 2005 - December 2007

Live-in Boarding House Master

St Stithians College (South Africa)

I was one of several house masters who lived in the boarding house, had rostered responsibilty to manage one of the boys boarding houses.

January 2005 - December 2007

IT Engineer

Lithotech Ltd (South Africa)

Started as helpdesk engineer, ended up redesigning 13-site mail platform to use qmail-ldap cluster, managing 64k bandwith per site (yes!) with squid transparent proxy and sarg reports.

January 1999 - December 2004


School of Hard Knocks

Common Sense
It's not that common
1999 - current

Hyde Park High School, South Africa

Matric with exemption
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